Detect Anomalies & Forecast Machine Performance

Waddle helps you to monitor real-time machine data & detects anomalies from time to time. It provides advanced forecasting for all the metrics that are monitored which gives visibility into the machine performance and degradation.

Use Case:

IoT devices and sensors are built into machines in the modern manufacturing era.
The manufacturer can gather real-time data from all of these machines thanks to these sensors and IoT devices. Waddle’s integration with these IoT and sensor devices gives the manufacturer the ability to monitor and analyze the data in real-time. Waddle detects anomalies in this real-time data and warns the manufacturer well in advance so that they may take appropriate action and minimize any potential manufacturing downtime.
Additionally, Waddle offers the customer Event Correlation, a strong feature that can give the user comprehensive insights into the behavioural influence of measurements, to help them comprehend the relationship between metrics collected from the same machine.

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An Integrated platform to perform Advanced Anomaly Detection & Event Correlation to understand large data streams.

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